There are a multitude of reasons why you may want to take an evening off the meat tonight. Maybe you’re looking to save a bit of cash. Perhaps you’ve decided it’s time to do the planet a tiny bit of good. Or could it be you’re looking to somehow halt the torrential meat sweats you’ve been suffering since last week’s bigger-than-a-newborn-buffalo steak dinner.

Or maybe it’s from all those double-taps you’ve been laying on @SproutedKitchen.

Created and run by food blogger Sara Forte, Sprouted Kitchen proves that healthy veggie options don’t just have to be boiled kale with a side of chronic boredom. “Wholesome” is the order of the day here, with crowd-pleasing dishes from nachos to roasts being tweaked ever so slightly to make them meat-free, while keeping them looking and tasting just as good as before.

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Want to see what we mean? We’ve picked five of our Sprouted Kitchen favourites and detailed them in all their inspirational glory below. Yep, our dinner plans have just changed, too…

1. Hot and Roasted Sprouts with Feta

Came home fired up to make a bowl of my current favorite things. Spicy roasted brussels and butternut, tossed with lentils, kale, poms, pecans and a wee bit of sheeps feta because always. May we be and raise strong women %uD83D%uDCAA%uD83C%uDFFC

A post shared by Sara Forte (@sproutedkitchen) on Jan 21, 2017 at 3:36pm PST

The key to a proper Brussels roastie is to cook them until they’re borderline cremated for maximum nutty flavour. Believe us, you’ll never boil the little stinkers up ever again – and the leftovers make for one heck of a good packed lunch, too. Oh, and for a tasty twist on this, get a load of Sara’s Sriracha-roasted sprouts too.

2. Comforting Roasted Cauliflower Pasta

A bowl of roasted cauliflower noodles. Extra crunchy parm breadcrumbs on top for me please. Recipe for @electroluxus (link on the blog). #LiveLoveLux %uD83D%uDCF8 @hugh_forte

A post shared by Sara Forte (@sproutedkitchen) on Oct 5, 2016 at 1:15pm PDT

We can vouch for this one. We rustled it up recently and were amazed at how simple it was. Threw in and roasted a handful of hazelnuts too, didn’t we. Find the full recipe on the Sprouted Kitchen website.

3. Big-League Butternut Squash Fritters

A treasure of a recipe in @we_are_food’s book: squash, greens + quinoa fritters. Lots of veggies and a tangy, spiced yogurt sauce. Just what we need before spending the rest of this rainy day baking. Recipe on the blog.

A post shared by Sara Forte (@sproutedkitchen) on Dec 22, 2016 at 10:44am PST

We know what you’re thinking, and yeah, we’d wrap a bun around these suckers as well. Take a ganders at the recipe.

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4. Mexican Mushroom Tacos

A weeknight recipe for mushroom + black bean tacos with a cilantro blender sauce on the blog. #theBlendedLife @kitchenaidusa #ad %uD83D%[email protected]_forte

A post shared by Sara Forte (@sproutedkitchen) on Sep 21, 2016 at 12:32pm PDT

Ultimate eat-while-you’re-watching-the-game food. You’ll find the recipe online, and if our experience is anything to go by, you’ll only find black beans online too. Order some now and wait impatiently to wrap your mouth around these beauties.

5. Super Simple Sweet Potato Nachos

If you look closely, you can see nachos. Steamed sweet potato coins, mashed black beans, avocado, bell pepper, onions, @thefirstmess cashew sauce, cilantro, hot sauce %uD83D%uDCAA%uD83C%uDFFC

A post shared by Sara Forte (@sproutedkitchen) on Feb 3, 2017 at 1:56pm PST

A real “why didn’t I think of this before” recipe that simply switches out the sat-fat demon tortillas for slices of cancer-fighting, vitamin-crammed sweet potato instead. Steam, bake or roast your golden disks, then add your favourite toppings. Easy. As. That.

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